ponedeljek, 25. september 2017


We don't live in Borovnica any more. We have moved from there about four years ago. I have found amazing photos with camera that doesn't work any more since May, when we went in England for a week. But memory is still here and will be never forget that crazy nature :)

Sprehod skozi Bistro 
Walk in Bistra, the place near...

and than the winter time...

This photo is made by my deares friend Petra Štrukej... Thank you Petra! 

Talking with tree... (Photo by Petra Štrukelj)

(Foto by Petra Štrukelj and my big belly...)

(Foto by Petra Štrukelj)

Some time later...

(Place in Bistrica ob Sotli)

summer time... and walking on... 

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